Abstracts of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Kayleigh Griffiths,  Alexander P Maxwell,  Rachel V McCarter,  Patrick Nicol,  Ruth E Hogg,  Mark Harbinson &  Gareth J. McKay 

Serum amyloid A levels are associated with polymorphic variants in the serum amyloid A 1 and 2 genes


David N. Johnston,  Fatemeh Keshtkar &  William Campbell 

The effect of re-audit and education on antibiotic prescribing practice at Causeway Hospital, Northern Ireland


Sule Ceylan,  Serkan Cetin,  Yasemin Camadan,  Ozlem Saral,  Ozge Ozsen &  Ahmet Tutus 

Antibacterial and antioxidant activities of traditional medicinal plants from the Erzurum region of Turkey


Lubna Shazi &  Zaigham Abbas 

Ethical dilemmas related to living donor liver transplantation in Asia