Abstracts of Psychiatry

Remzi Bahşi,  Volkan Atmiş,  Tuğba Turgut,  Deniz Mut Sürmeli,  Çağlar Coşarderelioğlu,  Hande Selvi Öztorun,  Ahmet Yalçin,  Sevgi Aras &  Murat Varli 

May zoledronic acid have negative effects on cognition and muscle performance?


Farzana Sadiq &  Aisling Mulligan 

AdCom study—adolescent communication group therapy for externalising disorders


Esther Shan Lin Hor,  Vincent Russell,  Umadevi Vasudevan &  Finian O’ Brien 

Changing attitudes to psychiatry and interest in the specialty as a career choice during clinical undergraduate years at a medical school in Penang, Malaysia


Patrick O’Donnell,  Diarmuid O’Donovan, Khalifa Elmusharaf

Social inclusion in the Irish health context: Policy and stakeholder mapping


Man Wang,  Qin Zhao,  Huicong Kang &  Suiqiang Zhu

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children with epilepsy


Roberta Rowntree &  Larkin Feeney 

Smartphone and video game use and perceived effects in a community mental health service


James Sweeney,  Dimitrios Adamis,  Luqman Helmi &  Alastair J. D. Macdonald

Implementation of outcome measurement (HoNOS) in an outpatient psychiatric clinic in Sligo/Leitrim mental health service


John R. Kelly,  Mary Cosgrove,  Cian Judd,  Kathy Scott,  Aoibheann Mc Loughlin &  Veronica O’Keane 

Mood matters: a national survey on attitudes to depression


Li Tao,  Xu Xiaodong,  Meng Qiang,  Li Jiao &  Zhao Xu 

Prediction of postoperative delirium by comprehensive geriatric assessment among elderly patients with hip fracture


Mugtaba Osman, Andrew C. Parnell, Clifford Haley

“Suicide shall cease to be a crime”: suicide and undetermined death trends 1970–2000 before and after the decriminalization of suicide in Ireland 1993


Keywords Suicide     Criminal Law     Ethics     Legislation     Ireland